Fireborn: The Savage Age

Episode Three: The Name of the Enemy

The first step to defeating an enemy is knowing their name

With nightfall approaching, the humans decided to camp near the deserted site of the previous expedition (what could go wrong?). Meanwhile, the dragons were restless. While the nimble air dragon both soared and lazed in the currents above the swamp, the Chimera snuck away from the humans and investigated the surroundings more fully.

It soon became apparent that the woods weren’t without threats. Racing back to the camp, the dragons found beautiful women moving among the warrior, touching each with delicate fingers. The Chimera knew better. These were swamp hags, powerful witches and deadly foes. As the hags put the Koner humans into a deep magical slumber, their lizardfolk thralls then carried the sleepers into the swamp.

The dragons sprung into terrifying action and were an overwhelming threat to both lizards and swamp hags.



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