Fireborn: The Savage Age

Episode Three: The Name of the Enemy
The first step to defeating an enemy is knowing their name

With nightfall approaching, the humans decided to camp near the deserted site of the previous expedition (what could go wrong?). Meanwhile, the dragons were restless. While the nimble air dragon both soared and lazed in the currents above the swamp, the Chimera snuck away from the humans and investigated the surroundings more fully.

It soon became apparent that the woods weren’t without threats. Racing back to the camp, the dragons found beautiful women moving among the warrior, touching each with delicate fingers. The Chimera knew better. These were swamp hags, powerful witches and deadly foes. As the hags put the Koner humans into a deep magical slumber, their lizardfolk thralls then carried the sleepers into the swamp.

The dragons sprung into terrifying action and were an overwhelming threat to both lizards and swamp hags.

Episode One: Catalyst
Who would have thought a day at the museum could be so dramatic?

While touring an exhibit “The Forgotten Civilization: Treasures of Gonur” at the NC Museum of Art, four strangers experience strange flashbacks while viewing one of the ancient artifacts. This piece, a broken tablet from an unknown civilization, seems all too familiar.

They remember a shield with writing on it, the word “Atlan”, the tablet when it was whole. They remember each other, but not as they are now…

In their memories one is lithe, her green body suit decorated with dozens of knives. One is a armored warrior, her rage almost setting the air around her afire. The third is obscured, a book on a chain connects to his dark cloak. The final figure is resplendent in her velvet dress. She carries a simple short staff.
They are brothers and sisters, “broodmates”. As they exit the central chamber into their respective hordes (each chamber reflecting a unique taste in both decoration and treasure), the four people shift effortlessly – into dragons!

Meanwhile, in the present day, the museum seems to have emptied out, save for the four heroes and a new group of menacing-looking men. When the men, led by a rough but confident man in a black turtleneck, advance on the quartet in pursuit of the broken tablet, the action begins.

Our heroes feel a sudden sense of power, strength, and skill. Although the youngest member, Jax, is freaked out by what going on, all four nonetheless execute a well-coordinated defense of the relic and counterattack on their foes. Cindy blasts an assailant with fiery breath, while Jax dodges attacks with inhuman dexterity and Sophia stuns with a sonic assault. “Turtleneck” flees before he, too, can be overwhelmed by these fireborn heroes.

During the fight and after, it becomes apparent that some form of magic is being used to keep regular visitors out of the museum. As the heroes retreat with the relic they come upon the source of the ritual in one of the back rooms. They hear someone fleeing and pursue the sound.
In the back parking lot a heavily tattooed man is attempting to escape to a waiting SUV, driven by Turtleneck. When Jax leaps down the back stairs on top of the tattooed man, he responds by breaking a glass vial containing a small brown spider. The arachnid grows in moments and could have been the death of Jax, had Chris not used his power of beast speech to persuade the spider to seek a meal elsewhere. Turtleneck shoots the tattooed man and attempts to flee when Cindy the housewife dives into the van and captures its driver.

The housewife and high school student return to their families, while Christopher and Sophia escort their new prisoner to Sophia’s apartment for questioning.

In a final flashback, the dragons make their way to a well-appointed manor house deep within a forest. There they see delegations from what appear to be many nations. Within the building, they are told that the delegation from Thule has not yet arrived. The dragons’ own tablet appears to be part of a block of tablets, each piece brought by one of the delegations. Together they form a binding peace and mutual defense treaty. It is then that the skies darken and the forest explodes with an invasion of dark, twisted monstrosities.

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